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Ed you are funny.  But I completelyUnderstand what your talking about.  Let me talk to the stable of cars and driving styles I go through.
'90 V8 - Yes, Cruise Missle and you welcome the open stretched of road where you know there are no cops.
'86 JettaGLI - Like driving a toy and continually have that rear inside wheel off the ground.
'00 Prowler - Let me just say - Boulevard Cruiser (see and be seen)
'99 F350 4x4 Crew Cab - Get out of my way goddamn Hondas (I'm Invincable!)
'02 A4 1.TQM - Wifes, But I call it the "Gocart"
I have spent the last 7 years buying my wife a new vehicle every 1-2 years searching for the best all around vehicle for her.  She has finally come to th realization that she cannot have it all in one car.  So I;ll be spending more money to keep her happy.
All cars listed above.
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In the last 2 days, I have alternated between 3 of my Audis, the '85 
urq, the '87.5 CGT, and the '91 V8q 5spd.  I noticed that I have a 
different driving mode for each.  In the urq, I drive sedately but alertly as 
if ready to pounce.  In the V8, I'm sort of in cruise mode, though more 
cruise missile than cruise ship.  In the CGT, it only takes a mile or 
two and I'm in go-cart mode.

I drove the CGT to work this morning and by the time I was on my way 
home for lunch I was hitting redline in 1st and 2nd every time and was 
actually in a bit of a 4-wheel drift momentarily on my usual interstate 
cloverleaf offramp.  I chose to return to work after lunch in the V8.

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