[V8] accelerator pedal sticking/conclusion

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 10 21:02:04 EDT 2004


  Again I thank you all,
 I replaced the ISV & repositioned the throttle
 I also tightened up the accelerator cable. I used
some lithium grease & cleaned the spring & the shaft
that runs through to the throttle switch. I
repositioned the cable in the bracket so there's no
slop or play in the cable,
 I also remember how the throttle has stuck open for
other listers & found that everything looks & works
fine. The throttle is smooth & no more bucking.
 Once again I thank you all cause I ran into a few
problems swapping a motor for a friend this is why all
these question as of late,
 he spun the timing belt on his & bent 2 valves &
crushed the piston his motor only had 100k.
 so he got a spare motor & I decided that I'd do the
swap for him. He had the car hauled from Maine to Mass
so me & a friend could do it & needless to saie the
motor was junk from the donor car. The pass side head
were the cam connects to the distributor was cracked,
& had been cracked for a while,  
 so I had to get another pass side head so basically
the bottom end & driver side head have 160k & the pass
side head has 120k. But we also went through the whole
motor every oil seal front & back, cleaned out the
motor, timing belt everything to the spring shock, got
a head kit, plugs,cap's, rotor's, yada,yada,yada.
 He ended up spending a few bucks to get all the parts
& to get the motor cleaned. But like so many other
V8'ers he's in love with the car & couldn't stand to
see her go to the big junk yard in the sky.
 I know what I'll be great full for this year & thats
the list & V8's (especially mine) they are great cars
I should have gotten one allot sooner.
 90 V8 pearl 89k S4 17's, 93 S4 sport seats, stebro
exhaust, "Big Reds" 

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