[V8] hot start problem which sensor/ conclusion

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Jun 12 08:00:44 EDT 2004

The sensors are identical and one of them reportedly is no longer
available.  Whichever one comes with the gray cover is the only one
available.  I bought two and covered one with black electrical tape to make
sure it matches up with the color of the connector in the wiring harness.
I got mine for somewhere in the $130 price range each through Wendy Hagar,
who sells Audi/VW parts on ebay frequently.  You can e-mail her at
snolvr8 at msn.com

At 10:13 PM 6/11/2004 -0700, Bob & Missy wrote:
>I need to do this on my neighbor's car.  He's always out there fanning it.
>He priced the ESS and CPS sensors used for $245 total.  Does anyone have a
>reasonable source for a new set?
>Also, I think he may be on his original in-tank FP at 188k mi.  Is that
>possible?  Should he be changing that too?
>	-- Bob
>	90 V8 (not even mine!)
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>>   Listers,
>>   A thanks to fellow listers who gave me the BTDT on
>> the sensor R&R,
>>  I found it to be an easy job (I'm going to put the
>> way I did it in the knowledgbase) but I will go
>> through it know.
>>  First I undid the air filter housing,
>>  then I undid the a few spark plug wires from the
>> driver side cap (just to make getting my hand in there
>> easier),
>>  then the cruise controll 10mm & throttle cable
>> linkage 8 or 10mm (I figured the more room the
>> marrier), & put them to one side.
>>  then there's a braket that is attatched to the braket
>> that holds the o2 sensor, the ignition & RPM on the
>> back of the driver side head 17mm & 13mm that will
>> make the braket free from the motor & eisier to get at
>> the grey connector.
>>  take driver side tire off,
>>  undid the belly pan
>>  I used a small ratchet & a 10mm socket to get the two
>> bolts from the heat shield & as other listers
>> mentioned it is rite next to the end of the header
>> pipe before it gets attatched to the X pipe. Again do
>> this when the car is cold cause it gets hot in there a
>> few burns for my trouble.
>>  I ws able to wrape my arm around the sway bar to be
>> able to get two hands in there,
>>  then undo the braket the sensors will come out.
>>  Then it's reverse order.
>>  Hope this helps someone in the future.
>>  If I forgot anything other listers will be sure to
>> chime in.
>> Thanks
>> Ron
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