[V8] input is appreciated

FredParkerJr FredParkerJr at cox.net
Wed Jun 16 13:31:04 EDT 2004

Hello Group,

I am at a bit of a crossroads with the V8.  I only drive the car 3000 miles
a year at this point because I have been racking the heavy miles on my
Mercedes Diesel.  I really love the car - believe me, it's nice to get into
a sedan that can run with the big guns once in a while after driving the oil
burner all day!

But anyway, here is my dilemma:  I am at 145,000 miles and due for a timing
belt.  The car has the original transmission.  I have gotten an estimate
from a local independent shop to do the timing belt for about $2100.  This
price includes all rollers, water pump, serp, tensioned, and distributor
guts if needed.  The shop is reputable and performed the t-belt at 90,000.
I could do it myself, it's just a matter of time and the special tools.

Overall the car is in really nice shape.  It's never been hit, all the paint
is original except for the front and rear bumper covers, Black on Black,
leather is nice.  The suspension could use shocks, front lower control arms,
and upper strut bearings (I have all the parts, just need time).

My fear is that the transmission will kick the bucket on the ride home from
the shop after the t-belt replacement.  Call me a pessimist, but the repairs
would then easily exceed the value of the car.

So here are some of my options:

1) Do the belt, replace the shocks, add new tires, and drive the life out of
the car (again!) If the trans goes, fix it.  All in all, this could amount
to 6K or so.  This option is basically a commitment to keep driving the V8
for a few more years.

2) Sell the car as is right now.

3) Do the belt and drive it till something else breaks!  Then evaluate and
probably put a fork in it.  (not high on my list - but none the less an
option!)  I'd almost be better off giving it away now.

4) Let it sit in the back of the garage until, um, yea, then....

Your input is appreciated,


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