[V8] car shopping

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 16 17:34:51 EDT 2004


I'm taking a job as a traveling sales person. My '89 200,
with 237K miles on her, isn't big enough to hold all the
samples, so I need a wagon.  Since it's a commission-only
job, and I won't see a paycheck for 3 months, I'm bottom
feeding. I was shopping for a mid-90s Passat wagon, but
here's what I found:

1 - 1994 Audi 100 Avant, V6, auto, FWD, 138K miles, needs minor
work. Will probably trade for my Miata for it. Good: newer Audi,
clean.  Bad: FWD. Questionable: the automatic.

2 - 1987 Audi 5K Avant. Quattro, 5-speed, MC-1. 128K miles.
Good: Dirt cheap. Fairly low miles. I keep my 200 as a parts
car (the Eur lights fit). Bad: Older than my '89, mechanical
condition unknown.

3 - The dark horse: 1992 Audi V8, Pearl and black. 173K miles.
Needs some work. Good: it's my lust car. Bad: not a wagon, high
miles, and poor gas mileage.

I'm leaning towards the '94 100 as it's newer and without
the complication of quattro. The 5K avant would work, and
if it broke, I could walk away from it.  The V8 is a crazy
idea that I could be talked in to.

So, start talking.  Should I go for the "reliability" of
the '94 100?  Take a chance on an old 5K Avant?  Or be
stupid and pop for the V8, space-for-samples be damned?
I'm looking for opinions as to "what would you do" given
a) the need for a reliable vehicle, b) that can put a lot
of miles on it, c) with gas at $2.50/gallon, and d) the
need for samples space.

'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

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