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RichardMor at aol.com RichardMor at aol.com
Wed Jun 16 18:06:09 EDT 2004


I can relate to your dilemma.  I've owned my V8 for almost 8 years.  In that 
time, I've
had just about every problem ever brought up in this chat group.  All have 
been fixed.
As you can imagine, it's cost quite a bit and my wife is worried when the 
next repair
bill will hit (I have to admit, I too, am a little apprehensive).  But, for 
now, the car is
running great.  So is it a good time to enjoy it or sell it?

It is disheartening to see the value the V8 has nowadays, but for those who 
sought out this car, we know it is a very unique automobile - not because of 
production numbers, but because the sum of the parts are greater than could be
expected.   I agree with Bill G., if you are too paranoid about something 
then the fun factor of the car is diminished.  It may be time to sell.  
However, if
you stop to compare what you might replace the V8 with and the associated 
it's not hard to rationalize keeping it.  Part prices are down, independent 
knowledgeable about the car can more easily be found, insurance/taxes are 
inexpensive, published information about do-it-yourself repairs are readily 
available, etc.

If I could, I'd have a fleet of interesting cars - there are plenty that I 
like, but practically
speaking, if I want another "toy" I have to give up one.  In my case, I just 
sold my V8
today for $4k, not because it's broken, but because I wanted something 
different.  I've
had the V8 longer than any other car I've owned.  I suspect I'll never have 
another car
that so competently puts everything together in one package - but then, I 
suspect I'll
never have another car that will cost as much to maintain.

The new owner will pickup my V8 on Friday.  I'll introduce him to this group. 
 His name
is Dale Head.  I've already asked him if he is related to Dave or Shawn.  He 
think so, but ya never know.  There's always room for more Head's, 

Richard Morris
Renton, WA
90 V8Q Dk Blue/Dk Blue

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