[V8] $400 and no tools?

Jason Wilkerson wilke_jb at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 17 09:23:35 EDT 2004

  I bought the parts 1.5yrs ago from Northside imports (1.800.247.2491
Ext. 235 Scott)  Always had and continues to have good prices and OEM, OE,
or Good name parts.

On the no tools thing here is how it goes:
     If you take the front bumper/radiator off - it makes it 300% better -
6 nuts on the bumper, 4 on the radiator, lower the condenser still
connected.  Line motor to TDC, (remove distributors to check slot in cams
to make sure they line up with the edge of the top of the head) remove all
covers, mark the belt with a paint pen in three places in relation to each
cog and also mark the cog in the exact place you mark the belt, then mark
on the belt with arrows the direction of travel and the front of the belt
so things don't get turned around.  Remove the belt per procedures found
in manual.  To get the crank bolt out and back on use a big impact gun.
(thats one reason why you take the bumper off!)  To put the belt back on
use the procedures in the manual but when you go to tighten it up you have
to manually (with a straight edge and good eyes) line the slot in the back
of the cam with the machined surface of the top of the head where the
valve cover mates.  They shouldn't have moved too far from where you had
them so it shouldn't be a big deal.  Tighten the cogs and make sure
nothing hits by hand.  Turn it over by hand a few times and make sure that
the slots still line up right when you are at TDC.  Button it up - mine
has been running strong for 45k since the last TB job.

                                             Good Luck,

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