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Thu Jun 17 09:38:15 EDT 2004

OK Kent.  Hear me out.  I'm thinking the sample you're carrying doesn't easily fit in a 200 trunk... maybe a lawn mower, or 10 pairs of skis.  Otherwise the 200 would suffice.  But that doesn't matter -- your livelihood is at stake, and as someone also in the traveling sales world, I'd suggest you go for ultimate reliability and utility.

I'd drive my V8 to Juneau and back without hesitation, but I've put enough money and beer in it to be comfortable doing so.  Some virtually unknown 87 ANYTHING is a gamble I'd avoid at all costs.  And mid-90's Audis many times fall into the dubious category of having been owned by someone who got a good deal on it at the time but couldn't pay the band to keep dancing.  Again, fun to have and hold, but I wouldn't bet my well-being on it.

The choice?  Mid-nineties Golf.  Fold the rear seat down and you've got all the space you need, you've got the mileage, the go-anywhereness, the affordability, the fun, and the VAG experience.   And if this were a traveling salesman list rather than an Audi list, I'd even toss out Camry Wagon or Ford Aerostar.  Once that wallet fattens up, trade up.


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> Gentlepeople,
> I'm taking a job as a traveling sales person. My '89 200,
> with 237K miles on her, isn't big enough to hold all the
> samples, so I need a wagon.  Since it's a commission-only
> job, and I won't see a paycheck for 3 months, I'm bottom
> feeding. I was shopping for a mid-90s Passat wagon, but
> here's what I found:
> 1 - 1994 Audi 100 Avant, V6, auto, FWD, 138K miles, needs minor
> work. Will probably trade for my Miata for it. Good: newer Audi,
> clean.  Bad: FWD. Questionable: the automatic.
> 2 - 1987 Audi 5K Avant. Quattro, 5-speed, MC-1. 128K miles.
> Good: Dirt cheap. Fairly low miles. I keep my 200 as a parts
> car (the Eur lights fit). Bad: Older than my '89, mechanical
> condition unknown.
> 3 - The dark horse: 1992 Audi V8, Pearl and black. 173K miles.
> Needs some work. Good: it's my lust car. Bad: not a wagon, high
> miles, and poor gas mileage.
> I'm leaning towards the '94 100 as it's newer and without
> the complication of quattro. The 5K avant would work, and
> if it broke, I could walk away from it.  The V8 is a crazy
> idea that I could be talked in to.
> So, start talking.  Should I go for the "reliability" of
> the '94 100?  Take a chance on an old 5K Avant?  Or be
> stupid and pop for the V8, space-for-samples be damned?
> I'm looking for opinions as to "what would you do" given
> a) the need for a reliable vehicle, b) that can put a lot
> of miles on it, c) with gas at $2.50/gallon, and d) the
> need for samples space.
> Kent
> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"
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