[V8] $400 and no tools?

Alan Kramer ackramer at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 17 11:02:53 EDT 2004

Jason's right, it can be done without the tools; however, I'm don't see how 
marking the belt helps any.

My experience in playing around with these motors is that the pass. side 
bank likes to rotate on it's own about 25 degrees if it's not exactly at 
TDC.  Then you have to remove the belt if it's already on the cam pulley, 
tighen the cam pulley to the cam, re-align the cam, then loosen the pulley, 
and then reinstall the belt.  The cam locking tools prevent this from 

The important part is that the crank and cams are all aligned at TDC after 
you have installed the belt and set the damper preload.  As long as the cams 
themselves don't turn while you're tighening the cam pulleys (the cam 
locking tools prevent this too), you are good to go.  Since the cam pulleys 
may turn on the cams during the adjustment of the damper (that's why the cam 
pulleys are loose during that step), marking the location of the belt on the 
pulleys or the relation of the pulleys to any other fixed object is useless 
since what matters is the relation of the cams to the crank at proper belt 

The only tools I have needed are the cam fixtures and the crank locker.  I 
recommend both highly, they make the job go very fast.


Alan Kramer

'83 UrQ V8
'83 CGT V8
'86 4kcsq
'90 V8q


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