[V8] RE: Any V-8's for sale

Michael Thomas irnstrw at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 21 21:45:28 EDT 2004


I have a 1993 Pearl V8 with grey interior that I have
was listed on Audifans for sale and I still have it.
129,000 miles, paint and interior in great shape.
Photos at www.isg.50megs.com

I will be at the NW Audi gathering Saturday with this
car. 17" BBS RX with Michelin tires, custom exhaust.
Great car, best car I've ever had, runs wonderfully, I
love the car - I'm probably moving out of state and
changing jobs so it looks like it's time for this V-8
to go.

With the wheels, I'll sell it for $8,000. With 15" A4
wheels and my winter tires price is $7,000. Timing
belt done at 119,000 and new MAF and O2 sensor within
last 2,000 miles.


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