[V8] Brake Fluid Flushing Report

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Jun 23 17:50:53 EDT 2004

Interesting timing here Steve.

I am planning to flush the V8 soon. It should be in pretty good shape as it was
flushed with Super Blue a few years ago. This time I am just going to use the
generic DOT3 juice from NAPA. I don't think I need the hi-perf fluid although it
does look cool.

I have also been on a fluid replace binge lately. On my Explorer, I just did the
PS and brake fluid. ATF and coolant to be done soon.

And on my 83 Ranger, I also did the PS and brake fluid. I am quite certain
neither has been done in the life of this vehicle. The PS fluid was black but
the system is not leaking anywhere after 21 years and over 200K miles. I would
be willing to bet I develop a leak soon.

On the brakes, the resevoir had a ton of sludge in it. I cleaned it out as good
as I could and then did the flush. On one rear wheel I had to completly remove
the drain valve and clean out the rust, then push the brake pedal to blast open
the drain hole. I can only imagine what the inside of that cylinder looks like,
but it is not leaking - yet.

On most of my cars I can use a power bleeder but the Ranger has the old style
resevoir so I used a vacuum pump instead. After doing it that way, I think it is
easier and is also universal. It will work on any car without adaptors.
The pump is just an old vacuum pump (Pierburg) from a Peugeot diesel mounted to
an electric motor. The collection bottle is an old freon bottle - maybe 2.5
gallons - that I put some fittings on. It works great for sucking oil out of all
sorts of things.
eg: I use it to suck oil out of the auto tranny dipstick tube (makes removing
the pan so much cleaner), from the PS pump fill hole, from differential fill
hole, etc.
Using the pressure side of the pump I then blow the fluid back into a disposal


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