Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Jun 24 11:02:43 EDT 2004

If you have a copy of the shop manual, cruise is under "engine electrical" and
it's section 27-120 for troubleshooting the cruise system. On the V8 there's a
strong link between transmission electronics and the cruise.  

Some general cruise info I've absorbed:  Common problems are associated with
the brake/clutch switches (clutch doesn't apply here), leaky or broken vacuum
lines, failed vacuum motors and their servos, etc.  On the V8, there's a rod
connected to the throttle that passes through a plastic grommet that breaks
from heat/age and can cause the rod to jam with the throttle open or closed. 
So some V8s have had the rod disconnected.  You can buy a new grommet for a
buck or so.  This linkage and the servo are accessed from beneath the air
cleaner box.

At 07:55 AM 6/24/2004 -0600, Brad Hartman wrote: 
> First of all, many thanks to Kneale Brownson for his suggestion to examine
> the wiring going from the main cabin through the opening into the driver's
> side door.  Lo and behold, two wires were completely severed, including the
> power cable to the sun roof.  PROBLEM FIXED.
> Now, on to my cruise control.  Just doesn't work.  First of all, could there
> be any wires that pass through the same opening as mentioned above that may
> be cut (and I may have missed)?
> Any other places to start troubleshooting would be appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> Brad Hartman
> 1990 V8

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