[V8] Bumper Black and pealing

scott.olson at nokia.com scott.olson at nokia.com
Thu Jun 24 12:19:26 EDT 2004

Tony Hoffman said:

If they are not peeling yet, you can buff them with a high speed buffer, as
is the case with the rest of the car as well - except the side trim on the
middle and bottom. I just finished three, and they look great!. Hope this

Tony Hoffman

P.S. You can also buff the wheels (easier with "Aero" wheels that BBS :) )

I was going to start this project this weekend. My 1990 has perfect Pearl white paint (Zaino fan) but the black bumpers are pealing.  Should I use a solvent to get the rest of the strips off?  Or just pick at them with my fingernail? Sandpaper? 
Any btdt advice? 
I will repaint with either that perma black stuff or just black paint. 

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