[V8] Windshields and filters

Oliver Gruber osgruber at comcast.net
Sat Jun 26 17:00:29 EDT 2004

I have been looking for a new windshield fore months. The cheapest one I can find is $800.00 installed. And I don't believe that's with factory glass either. I had a guy quote me $450.00, but then said he couldn't do it for that little. At least he was up front about it. I too have heard that glass from a 5000 will fit but the prices for them are not to far below the correct one. Less than $50.00 installed. Where are these $200.00 windshields at?

As for the air filter question, I have been using a K&N filter exclusively from the day I bought the V8. Other that a rubber piece coming loose from the first one ( replaced that same day under warrantee) I have never had any problems with them at all. I have them installed in all my vehicles. I look at cleaning and oiling as part of general maintenance and gives me a chance to look under the hood on a regular basis. 

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