[V8] Rear Bulb out Warning

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I did it on the cq.  I know it is slightly different then the V8q, but not
by much (I now have to do it to the V8q too, since I put LED bulbs in).  I
did look at the wiring diagrams between the two.  From what I can tell the
only difference between the two is that the V8q monitors the third brake
light and the the CQ does not.  On the cq, I solved the problem by grounding
the "red" wire.  I think it was labeled 22K.  I will look that up to confirm
if anyone wants me to.  I am sorry, I can't remember how I determined it was
this wire.  But, I do know it was logical based on the diagram.  I hope this
helps.  Oh, if memory serves, I think the control unit for the rear brake
lights is on the drivers side next to the antenna in the trunk (if your car
has the antenna).  



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> Subject: [V8] Rear Bulb out Warning
> When I relayed my headlights several years ago, I got the famous bulb-out
> warning all the time, especially when switching between high and low beams,
> so I did the recommenced jumpering to stop the warning signal.  That's
> using a pair of jumpers to replace the relay that issues the warning.
> Now that I've relayed my rear lights for trailering, I get the same warning
> again.  So there must be a second relay for the rears or the parking lights
> or something.  It only beeps when you turn the lights on initially, but I'd
> just as soon get rid of it too.  Anyone know which relay and which
> jumpering would do that?
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