[V8] Re: Overheating

QuickAudi at aol.com QuickAudi at aol.com
Tue Jun 29 22:19:57 EDT 2004

I had a similar problem last year.  Finally got around to looking this year (don't ask; it just never overheated, and it cooled well.)  I found that the fuse for the fan had busted who knows how long ago.  My electric fan hasn't been running for at least a year.  Boy, do I feel dumb!  In fact, it probably hasn't been running since I bought it.  Anyway, we replaced it with a fusible link.  Works great now!  You can find the fuse block near the power steering fluid reservoir.
Oh, and on the thermostat, don't order one from Advance Auto parts.  The part isn't exactly the same.

'90 V8q (won her first car show!)
'86 5kcstq (faithful transport while detailing above)

>>Two things I think may be contibuting but wanted to bounce it off of you
guys first.  One, the drivers side electric fan on the radiator wasn't
running, is this a secondary fan?

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