[V8] Departing for Italy in the morning - V8 ready for sale!

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Jun 30 11:15:23 EDT 2004

Italy seems like a good place for a V8 to get mustered to...
Can't you just strap it onto the roof rack of your jet?
Or perhaps you could have it pickled and preserved for your return.

Anyway, I hope you get a good price for it and your stay in Italy is a good one.
I can think of far worse places to have to go.


Quoting "Murphy, Joseph-Colleen" <yumamurphy at mindspring.com>:

> All:
> Quick refresher...my orders have me out of the cockpit for a few years to
> knock out my "staff" tour - luckily I have been selected to a position at a
> NATO command in Naples, Italy.  Alas, the V8 will not be coming with us, so
> she must go to someone who will appreciate her.
> Currently, she (1991 V8 5-speed, Pearl/Black, 126,000 with only 64,000 on a
> new engine...) is in at Autohaus-Vick in Bellevue, WA for a Steering Rack
> replacement.  The rack was the last of the big ticket items that needed to be
> accomplished (Timing Belt, Brakes/Rotors, Clutch, etc...), but I needed to
> wait until I made my way up here to the Pacific Northwest to get her in the
> hands of a trusted shop.  I will not regurgitate the list of everything else
> that has been done in the last year, but suffice it to say she is in prime
> condition!
> Unfortunately, I will never drive her again, as she will not be ready until
> tomorrow (Wednesday, 30 June), and I fly out of SeaTac at 0715.  My father
> will be picking her up and then bringing her back to their home which is just
> up the road from Autohaus-Vick in Northeast Bellevue.  I have spoken to Tom
> Vick, Autohaus' Service Manager and he understands the situation.  If any of
> you are interested in the vehicle (which many of you were when I initially
> mentioned the impending parting that would occur around this time...), please
> feel free to contact Tom or go by their shop to see her up on the rack, as
> this would be a great chance for you to be assured of her condition.
> www.autohausvick.com
> Regardless, my father and mother, Robert & Eugenia Murphy, will need to be
> contacted to coordinate test drives/showings of my V8.  They have a Power of
> Attorney, and will be the ones that will execute the transaction.
> Please contact them at...
> MurphyER at earthlink.net
> ...for coordination, and "Cc" me at...
> YumaMurphy at mindspring.com
> Thanks again to all of you out there that have helped me and my V8 over the
> years "own" the wide open roads of the Desert Southwest under those endless
> clear blue skies...
> Semper Fidelis,
> Dino
> P.S.  Although I did not see any of you during the trip, rest assured that
> she had a GREAT run up I-5, with memorable four wheel drifts through the
> curves of Shasta north of Redding and the Siskiyous bordering California and
> Oregon.
> Maj Joseph "Dino" Murphy
> Pilot: AV-8B Harrier II+ [His...well, not for a couple of years]
> 1991 Audi V8 5-Speed [His...alas, no more]
> 1982 Honda CB900F Super Sport [His...whoops!...sold her two weeks ago]
> 2001 Chrysler Town & Country LXI [Hers...sitting in a warehouse in Naples,
> awaiting our arrival]
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