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Dave - for a WAG it was right on the money.  Even got a used replacement from
a 5000 in a wreckers (it is an expensive little beasty when bought at the Audi dealer!).
thanks for the suggestion


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"WAG" of the day:

The driver transistor for the fan is located in the air plenum under the rain
diverter. It sounds like this unit has shorted.
If you have the wiring diagrams it should be pretty easy to diagnose with a volt
meter. If the fan runs with no control input then the driver is probably toast.
If the control input is stuck then the control head is toast.
I have no idea how or if this unit crosses over to a GM car, but it is made by


Quoting "Peter A. Green" <peteragreen at>:

> Anticipating the advice to 'go and dig into my Audi stuff' - I searched and
> located my 'Bentley'.  The diagnostics detail the 'fresh air blower
> staying-on when off is pressed' problem but do not mention a relay to control
> the blower operation, instead they focus on wiring problems and head unit
> failure.  Before I start checking the wiring loom, do the head and control
> unit edge connectors/copper on fibre-glass circuit boards suffer from the
> same oxidation problems as the instrument cluster board(s).
> Pete
> '90 V8Q Pearl
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>   Wondered if any-one had BTHT (been there - had that) of the air conditioner
> blower motor staying-on after pressing off on the control head.  The air
> conditioner operates normaly except for the blower remaining on.  I suspect a
> relay but my Audi 'stuff' is in storage after a recent move and the thought
> of routing through boxes of stuff is overwhelming.  Any suggestions?
>   Pete
>   '90 V8Q Pearl
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