[V8] Gearbox/cruisecontrol/air recirc problem

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon Mar 1 18:02:55 EST 2004

OK - I think I can translate this :-)

Quoting Peter Littlewood <littlepete at freeuk.co.uk>:

> Hello 
> Have had a problem for a while with the cruise control not working, this
> packed up the same time as the air con recirculator button (which now
> doesn't seem to do anything) 
> I seem to remember someone else having similar problems a while back
> (possibly relating to the auto transmision) if this jogs any memorys I'd
> be grateful for any feed back.

We didn't get the re-circ button, but I would guess that the same spring that 
breaks on the re-circ door here would bite you too. If the A/C system uses the 
same vacuum pump as the cruise control, that might be a common thread.

> My transmision did throw a selection wobbly about 20k ago but seems to
> have sorted itself out.

I have no clue what a selection wobbly is, but I am glad it is better now

> One last question, is it normal for a vacuum to form in the fuel tank
> when running low on petrol? Often get a wooshing sound when I undo the
> cap.

You might have a look at the tank purge system. I never notice noise on mine 
when I remove the cap, but it is pretty common on most cars. 


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