[V8] tools for timing belt replacement

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Chris at Force Five has the tools for rent and decent prices on parts.



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Greetings all,

Well the exhaust is on now.  Thanks Steve Bednarski for providing me with a 
just like new stock exhaust for my baby.  Driving is so very enjoyable it is

indescribable.  Until now I didn't think that I could find an engine hat 
would compare in smoothness and power as my V12 Jaguar XJS, but I stand 

Only I'm not doing a lot of driving because I am scared of the timing belt.

It was supposedly changed at 65,000 miles, but the previous owner couldn't 
show me a reciept.  As anyone can imagine, I am leary.  He did give me 
however a new timing belt and water pump that he had purchased for 
replacement at 120,000 (it now has 102,000) miles.  My problem is now 
finding the tools to do the belt replacement.  I am hoping that someone out 
there leases these tools (Blaufergnugen does, but you have to buy their belt

kit to be able to rent them).  As I said, I already have the belt and water 
pump, but I do need to purchase the tensioners and seals to complete the 

If anyone leases the tools or know anyone that does, please let me know.  I 
am at a stopping point right now and I am not going to be able to enjoy the 
V8 like I should until I get it changed out.

Thanks everyone and happy motoring!


90 V8 Quattro
90 Audi 80
85 Jaguar XJS
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