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Zay -

Of course that's a good idea!   Though I gotta believe that sort of thing is already happening.  I know I've had 3 V8s in my driveway at one time, each with a different malady (hell, the Head household does it all the time while keeping it in the family).   As this list of friendly help grows, hopefully it will make clear who's close by one another too, which would facilitate your suggestion.

Perhaps something will act up on your car next time I'm in Vegas -- that town sort of overwhelms me and a friendly face would be great.   And I'm always up for a hotel room at the Mirage!   ;-]


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Hi David,
You can also include me in the list.  I'd be more then happy to help anyone in need on this list that is in the area.
Zay Campozano
Hey, I was also thinking, a lot of us talk about how some on the list fix there own cars and how people have saved money because of the list.  Maybe those that live near each other should gather once every 3-4 months and concentrate on fixing one members car who is in need.  Everyone would chip in their knowledge and expertise, and the member who's car is being worked on buys all parts and pays for lunch or dinner, maybe even a couple of hotel nights at a Vegas hotel ;-)...anyway, I think it would be a great way to meet those on the list, acquire more knowledge of our vehicles, and eventually maybe be able to work on them ourselves (for those of us, me, that are not very mechanically inclined).
Just a thought, if you think this is a good idea to post on the list, please do so minus my address and phone number for now.
Take care,
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