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Bob -
I found the rear hose is the same shape as a NAPA part hose.  You have to cut the hose to lenght.  I cannot find the part number where I am in Kaleefornee.  I can retreive it this weekend if you like.
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Subject: [V8] Breather Hoses, Good Source for OEM parts
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Think I found the miss or stumble I was experiencing with the V8.  
breather hose was in two pcs.  Was a bit of a pain just to remove, any 
on replacement?  Do you just slide onto the crankcase tube then 
into the throttle body inlet?  Pretty tight in there.

I am not a huge fan of my local Audi dealer.   They have just purchased 
they did not keep any of the master mechanics!  One happens to be the
president of our local Quattro club...................

Any recommendations on where to get these dealer parts?  I haven't paid
attention to past posts,  Carlson?  

Count me in on the Audi List, my garage is always open to another Audi 



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