[V8] Power Steering Fluid - The all purpose driveway cleaner

Maurice Greven maurice.greven at verizon.net
Thu Mar 4 02:03:55 EST 2004

That is the EXACT symptom of mine needing a rack rebuild...


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> Sooooo, I took the day off and went on a nice long (2 hr) 
> drive today. I took the kids to a children's museum up in 
> Washington and gave mom and baby a quiet day at home.  It was 
> beautiful Quattro weather; lots of water on the freeway, 
> semi-trucks throwing up all kinds of spray, visibility nil, 
> but fortunately the speed limit is 70.  It was a perfect day 
> for the V8...  That is until we pulled in the driveway back home.  
> I had to do some lock-to-lock steering to maneuver around a 
> car parked funny in our driveway.  After I got out of the 
> car, I noticed some 'water' on the ground.  It was slimy and 
> colorless (thank God it wasn't red, after the $4k tranny 
> rebuild and all...)
> It would appear that I have a power steering leak.  I haven't 
> had a chance to pop the air filter cover off and look at the 
> rack.  It has been making no noises, drinking no fluid, and 
> no vibrations...  I *did* notice the accordion 'boot' on the 
> passenger side was split wide open, but don't think that has 
> any bearing on my problem.  Am I safe to assume it is a hose, 
> banjo bolt, etc. and not the rack?  Obviously when I peek 
> tomorrow, I will have a better idea.
> Oh, and it only leaks like mad when the car is running (I was 
> cranking the wheel at the time, too).  It's leaking right 
> onto the exhaust 'X' on the driver's side.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks in advance,
> - Jeremy
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