[V8] V8 5spd conversion... it can be done LONG

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Thu Mar 4 12:04:28 EST 2004

Good question, Ron.  This is how I see it.

I have learned a ton from this list and I make a point to contribute
back to you all (mostly be sharing personal experiences and
regurgitating what I have learned from others).  This has kept the cost
of ownership of our rare expensive cars to a 'doable' realm.

Now there is a whole different realm to this that most of us just dream
about...  Steve B (was it) just spent a ton of cash to have
AudiConnection figure out how to stuff a 5 speed into his 4.2l V8Q.  I
can't imagine how many hours of labor went into this project.  And I am
willing to bet that AudiConnection ate some of those hours as it was a
learning process for them, too.  This is uncharted territory that Steve
B and AudiConnection dumped a ton of time and money into.  If they
choose to share that info for free, that is up to them.  But I
personally wouldn't feel right if it cost these Pioneers $20k and I was
able to do it for under $5k because of what they have done for V8
humanity...  Ok, I am probably exaggerating the cost of the first
transplant (but maybe not)...

I think AC should be able to share this information with people who are
serious for a small recoup cost if they want to.  If it would take you
10 additional hrs for you to figure things out on your own, what are
those 10 hrs worth to you? Maybe not $75 an hr that a wrench would
charge...  but something.

My .02

- Jeremy

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  After reading the first few paragraphs I thought to
myself " why is this lister posting this?" to rub it
in our face?
 Maybe these kinds of lists should be banned cause
it's hurting the bottom line of mechanics by use doing
work on our cars. I don't know I just think that it's
wrong not to share this kinda info. I mean it's not
like we want coppy chips or anything,
 sorry Mike I wasn't poking fun at you.
 Oh and I totaly expect to get lamb basted (flamed),
 so let me buckle up.
87 5ksq many mods original owner
90 200tqa many mods
90 V8 pearl 88k 02 S4 Avus 17's, Porsche "Bigreds",
Stebro exhaust

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