[V8] V8 5spd conversion... it can be done LONG

Jason Wilkerson wilke_jb at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 4 12:12:51 EST 2004

My .02,

   I can see why it is wrong to copy a chip - on the other hand, I can't
see why it is wrong to share info on retrofitting a v8 with a manual
tranny.  I understand that professional mechanics must make a living, and
I am not suggesting that they give up their secrets, but if you are like
me, I am my own mechanic and if I were to tackle the swap I would do it
all myself.  Even if I couldn't find the info I would figure it out on my
own, but it wouldn't hurt to have some helpful advice from someone else
that has been there.  I know I would be happy to talk to someone about
this if I had done it - I mean isn't that what most of the posts on this
list are about anyway?  I don't think Bruce, Keith and the like are in
trouble here because most people are not going to try this on there own -
they will take it to a mechanic - but if they do want to attempt this, in
most cases nothing will stop someone that stupidly determined (I speak of
myself, so no offense to anyone in my boat;)

                                Not meaning to step on toes,

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