[V8] Power Steering Fluid - The all purpose driveway cleaner

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Thu Mar 4 14:05:01 EST 2004

OK gang, I found the source of the leak: 

What is this animal?  Looks like it goes to the steering column itself
and may be 441-612-069-A 'tube return'...

Any thoughts if I can hose clamp it?  Have it rebuilt by a Aviation high
pressure line shop?  Or would I be better off just getting a new one
from my parts supplier?

Any BTDT on this one?


- Jeremy

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Sooooo, I took the day off and went on a nice long (2 hr) drive today.
I took the kids to a children's museum up in Washington and gave mom and
baby a quiet day at home.  It was beautiful Quattro weather; lots of
water on the freeway, semi-trucks throwing up all kinds of spray,
visibility nil, but fortunately the speed limit is 70.  It was a perfect
day for the V8...  That is until we pulled in the driveway back home.  

I had to do some lock-to-lock steering to maneuver around a car parked
funny in our driveway.  After I got out of the car, I noticed some
'water' on the ground.  It was slimy and colorless (thank God it wasn't
red, after the $4k tranny rebuild and all...)

It would appear that I have a power steering leak.  I haven't had a
chance to pop the air filter cover off and look at the rack.  It has
been making no noises, drinking no fluid, and no vibrations...  I *did*
notice the accordion 'boot' on the passenger side was split wide open,
but don't think that has any bearing on my problem.  Am I safe to assume
it is a hose, banjo bolt, etc. and not the rack?  Obviously when I peek
tomorrow, I will have a better idea.

Oh, and it only leaks like mad when the car is running (I was cranking
the wheel at the time, too).  It's leaking right onto the exhaust 'X' on
the driver's side.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

- Jeremy

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