[V8] Tranny ECU nothing comes back when attempting to pull codes

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Thu Mar 4 21:34:22 EST 2004

Are you certain that it is the TCU?  I would check fuses, TCU connector,
ground, etc...

Replacement is easy.  Remove knee bolster, foot vent ducting, 1
connector, a couple of screws...  TCU is the bottom one, ECU is the top

I would see if you can 'borrow' one from a fellow 8er before purchasing
one from Bruce or Chris.

Does the car run / shift?  If so, I doubt it's the TCU...

Good luck,

- Jeremy

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Subject: [V8] Tranny ECU nothing comes back when attempting to pull

Help! My mechanic is telling me my tranny ecu is dead. All of this
trouble just because I want a working cruise control. Anyway, does
anyone have any idea where I can find one? How difficult is the tranny
ecu to replace?
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