[V8] 5 spd conversion "pain list" by popular demand........

Mike Arman armanmik at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 5 08:51:27 EST 2004

>From: DasWolfen at aol.com
>Subject: [V8] 5 spd conversion "pain list" by popular demand........
>Major parts list:


>Major work thats not so obvious:

<also snipped>

>Want one? Billing "begins" at 25 hours labor, ie: $1650.00 plus any new
>parts required.

That outline is *exactly* what I had in mind . . .

Looking at this list, and assuming a parts car and some serious scrounging, 
it begins to appear that $3,500 to $5,000 (plus your running V8 AND the 
parts car) is a ballpark number.

Question - what does a factory pre-made 5 speed V8 normally sell for? I 
know they are very rare, the number 165 comes to mind, but they DO show up 
from time to time.

If a decent V8Q costs $3,500 (yes, I know good ones are much more), and you 
add $4,000 plus the chasing around, finding a parts car and delivering both 
cars to the guys who are going to do this (and seeing this information 
tells me I AM NOT, loud and clear, going to attempt this), does it not make 
more sense to simply wait for a V8 5 speed to come onto the market, and be 
ready with cash?

Of course, if you want something very special, like a 4.2 out of an A8S 
plus a 6 speed, then you have no alternative choices, but it sounds like a 
5 speed conversion on a 3.6 car isn't really worth it, and on the later 4.2 
cars, it may be, but just.

Its nice to dream, but this appears to be a $7,000 project plus a car to 
start with, and for that kind of money I'm going to put a GNS-430 into my 

(I guess it all boils down to priorities!)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman 

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