[V8] 5 spd conversion: 3.6 vs 4.2

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Fri Mar 5 10:48:21 EST 2004

Beats me.  Operative word was "might".   My subjective thought process includes cam choice (the 5-speed cams vs. 4.2 cams vs. the 5-speed cams in a 4.2), the ABH/PT ECU choice (no difference?  How come Ned's chips aren't interchangeable?), and various components of the later wiring harness that may improve overall efficiency.

I recall a seat-of-the-pants comparison by Keith of an ABH'd 5-speed and Steve's 5-speed'd ABH and there being a noticeable difference.

Of course there's other subjective considerations too -- If I found a '93 with a bad trans, I'd swap my manual over (for a couple-few thou) but also swap much of my interior over as well.


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> I'm curious how this would be possible.  Final drive gearing 
> would be the same.  Power output of either engine would be 
> the same in either iteration, right?  
> Ed
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> From: "Coleman, David" <David.Coleman at blackrock.com>
> Date: 2004/03/05 Fri AM 07:16:31 MST
> So taking a 4.2 to manual -- woo wee.  Might even trump a 3.6 
> to 4.2 swap in a factory 5-speed.
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