[V8] New visitation with my V8: it's back and running again!

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Fri Mar 5 18:37:31 EST 2004

THAT'S the good news!  Unfortunately, that is the ONLY good news.

The right cylinder head is still leaking someplace.

The leak is behind the right side timing belt cover, right where it is
impossible to see anything.  The rear of the timing belt cover cannot be
removed and the lubrication system pressurized, so a portion of the front of
the cylinder head and block is blind.

There IS a little place in the front of the cylinderhead casting that was/is
suspect.  It's a little rough, but doesn't look really rough.  Could be that
it has become porous with now, 90k on the engine.

It could be that the head was off once before in its life.  We cannot tell
for sure, but it is possible.  Could be that when replaced, the head was
torqued down and hydrolocked, allowing (worst case), the block to be
weakened, and ultimately, to crack.

Now that everything is clean, clean clean....the next step is to run a dyed
oil through the engine under pressure and then tear off the front of the
engine shrouding,, timing belt assembly, and so on, and reinspect.

The other "good" news, is that the mechanic is now working "off the clock".
He wants to find out what is going on, just as badly as I do.

Maybe next week, mid week, we'll know.

Worst, worst, worst, worst case, and I'll have some reallly good European
headlights up for sale.....but not yet.


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