[V8] Testing Fuel Injectors, stumble, miss

Korn, Bob Bob.Korn at Fike.com
Sun Mar 7 23:35:14 EST 2004

Anyone know an easy way to test fuel injectors or is this a job for someone
who has the proper test equipment?

I've done the test using the ECU and they all buzz or click accordingly.
Pulled them all and replaced the seals and caps, used the NAPA kit that
crosses to a ford previously mentioned on the list. The caps are slightly
different, had to modify slightly before installation. 

Still have a miss or stumble under steady acceleration.  Could a bad fuel
pressure regulator cause this?  I do not have a pressure gauge set......yet.
May have to bite the bullet and go buy.   Getting frustrated, been chasing
this one for awhile.

New plugs, caps, wires, rotors, and Fuel pressure reg 25K ago.
Since miss started:
Techron through two tanks fuel, always AMOCO Premium.
New O2 sensor
New fuel filter
New breather hoses
New seals on injectors

Any ideas???

I keep thinking fuel with all the new ignition components. Guess you never
know, better go back and check spark in all the holes.


90 V8Q 135K Pearl  

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