[V8] SMOG MIL Problem w 90 V8 Quattro

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Mar 8 15:24:55 EST 2004

... the key here is to look under the hood at the emissions sticker.  If it
says something like conforms to federal emissions requirements ... and
specifically does not mention California ... then you *should* not need to
have a functioning MIL ... although I have heard of folks who have had
problems getting their cars to pass the test for this reason.  Push comes to
shove I suppose you can take the car to a referee ... the fact that the
light is *not supposed* to be present is pretty well documented in the
owner's manual, service manual ... and even the wiring diagram (page 338 on
manual W42 911 501 160 1 ... around track #100).  

I found the wires that need to get connected to power up the MIL ... one of
them was fairly easy to find on the harness that comes from the Kostal
connectors in the driver's footwell.  The mating connector T1h was wrapped
in that felt tape that prevents it from rattling around and was stuffed up
behind the console  in the dashboard area.  The wiring diagram indicates
that the wire color is WHT/BLK.  

Don't look for a relay ... this is the way the codes were activated on some
of the older Audis ... the V8 has a set of diagnostic connectors behind the
pad underneath the front passenger's footwell.  

Steve B
San Jose, Kaleefohnia (USA)
> I'm new to the list and have Ford EFI experience, but no Audi 
> experience.
> My neighbor's 1990 Audi V8 Quattro failed a CA Smog check 
> simply because the
> MIL (Check Engine Light) didn't flash during the appropriate 
> part of the
> test.  It appears from reading the archives that pre-March 
> 1990 cars and
> Federal, Non-CA cars didn't have a light installed.  He 
> doesn't think it was
> originally a CA car, so this may be the cause of the problem, 
> however, he
> just paid a shop to install a lamp and it still failed the 
> lamp test.  I
> haven't tried flashing out the codes yet as I intend to build 
> a VAG 1115
> tomorrow.
> I also read in the archives that older cars had a place on 
> the FP relay to
> cause the ouput of codes through the use of a fuse as a 
> jumper.  This sounds
> very odd to me, but OK.
> 1. Where is this relay on a '90 so I can give it a look?
> 2. Besides this relay possibility, are there any other 
> reasons y'all can
> think of why the MIL wouldn't flash?

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