[V8] Components for a 5 Speed conversion

S_Matus scott_matus at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 11 10:21:27 EST 2004

Everyone -
I have located all of the components to perform a 5-Speed conversion.  I have contact with an individual that is parting out a 5-speed with only 50K miles on it.  
The transmission is $1600
the complete driveshaft (from transmission to diff) is $250
the matching rear diff is $500
The front end (from the shock towers to the B-pillar, including clutch master and slave cylinders, and brake master and slave cylinders, wiring harness and ECU, dash, console, etc) will be $1200. This all goes together, so there won't be any confusion with wiring harness, etc.

Contact me if anyone is interested.
Scott Matus
2 '90 V8s

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