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Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Mar 11 20:57:03 EST 2004

Welcome to the V8 commiseration list, John.

The Link to Chris Miller's website is OK.  To replace the blower motor
only, however, you only need to raise the heater core box a few inches.
You don't need to remove it entirely.  

It's easiest if you take off the hood (four bolts and two clips on the
struts).  Somewhere there are mentions of using a 2 X 4 beam across the
fenders with a way to pull the box upward off that beam.  The last time I
did a blower motor, I used this idea with some heavy wire around the heater
core box's forward edge and a stick to twist the wire and raise the box.
That was easier than trying to pry up the box.  You need to disconnect the
footwell air ducts and the coolant lines to the heater core.  The blower
motor/fan come out together.  You get them as an assembly when you buy a
new one.  I wouldn't bother with a used unit you'll probably have to
replace in another year.  There is a sleeve on the blower motor that
sometimes gets stuck in the housing.  Be sure you take that out too.

Blau (audiquattrosports) only rents the TB tools if you buy the TB and
other supplies from them, I believe.  They also sell the parts to fix the
door handle.

At 05:16 PM 3/11/2004 -0800, John Bysinger wrote:
>I just joined the list and thought I'd introduce myself, as you'll likely
>see me asking questions about the V8 Quattro I just purchased. :)
>My name is John, and last friday I just picked up a 1990 V8, in really good
>shape.  It's got 121k miles on it, 3.6l, auto tranny.  It does not have the
>UFO brakes, and yes, I'm already making plans to change out the timing belt,
>water pump, and misc fluids / tuneup work.  I figure start fresh and
>check/replace everything that could go wrong.
>And now on to the new-to-V8 questions...
>First I've got a chipped/cracked headlight, found a couple of places online
>that have new ones, but thought I'd ask for recomendations on parts shops on
>here first.
>Also the drivers door lock is busted, I pulled the door apart and found that
>it's just the connector on the key barrel itself where it connects to the
>linkage rod, anyone come across this before?  I see a couple mentions of
>parts v8's on here, anyone have one that they'd be willing to sell me a
>handle off of?
>As far as the timing belt goes, I was looking at the kits + rental tools off
>of audiquattroparts.com.  Any good/bad experiences with them?
>And lastly, my heater motor is dead, I found this online and was planning on
>using it as a guide for replacement:
>http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/climate.html I can hear the various
>flaps/valves functioning with the controller, I take it this is pretty
>Sorry for the long winded initial post but new car = new questions :)
>Thanks to any and all help, and hopefully I'll be able to help you all out
>in the future as well.
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