[V8] V8 Rev limit?

Daniel O'Dell daniel_o_dell at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 15:46:44 EST 2004

I had an unusual (read that as BAD) on-ramp excursion yesterday. During
the one-two shift I kinda blew my timing, and got a little too deep
into the red zone. Now, I admit, I do some spirited driving at times,
but I have never over revvvvved the beast before. But it brings up a
curiosity. Knowing that my car is chipped (unknown chip however) I
wonder if that has increased my rev limit. My '91 shows a redline at
6500rpm, at which point I would assume there would be a soft-limit, or
ignition retard to keep things intact. but I was at, oh....7000 and
change (speaking of retard, it wasn't ignition, it was the driver) I'm
now just really curious, what will these expensive, old machines handle
before you punch eight (or 32) neat little holes in the hood ?

just curious.

Audi V8/6, S4, A6

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