SV: [V8] V8 Rev limit?

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Wed Mar 17 17:20:19 EST 2004

Does this only happen when you dump the clutch or even if you run the rpm's up gently in 1st gear?

From: Jörgen Karlsson <jorgen.m.karlsson at>
Date: 2004/03/17 Wed AM 10:59:09 MST
To: <v8 at>
Subject: SV: [V8] V8 Rev limit?


This is good information. I thought that the stock engine management limited
rpm to 6500. I have had some problems with the 1-2 shift in the 80Q, with
the ABZ I hit the revlimiter 0.8-1s after I dump the clutch. If I could go
to 7000rpm in first it would improve the 60' a bit, hitting the revlimiter
after 30' isn't optimal:)

Is the revlimit the same for the 3.6 and 4.2 engines?


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