[V8] Transmission Service

Eddie Dial eddie_dial at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 19 09:53:02 EST 2004

I took Charlene (car) to get her transmission serviced. When I got there 
they told me it would be $160 to change the fluid new filter new gasket. 
They then called me later and told me they had to remove something to get 
the pan. Now as some of you may know I am still learning about my vehicle so 
he might as well been speaking another language. He said something about a 
donut on each side that had to be removed to remove the pan. Is this correct 
does anything have to be removed to get to the pan? Because now it's 
$230.00. And he said my donuts were cracked. What the hell is talking about? 
If they are cracked I would like to replace them myself but if any of you 
know what he may be talking about and if he is speaking the truth please let 
me know. i hope you all have a good weekend. THANKS!

Eddie Dial

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