[V8] Audi V8 headlights

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Sat Mar 20 10:07:39 EST 2004

Well, my Euros are installed, and I have aimed them so that they provide the
light that I expected them to provide.  These lamps I bought on eBay from
the guy in Germany, and they came with higher than normal high beam
bulbs....not really necessary, I don't think, but I will use them until they
burn out.

Now, I have the stock headlamps that I need to do something with.  The left
headlamp is starred in one place, but there is no discoloration internally.
The other is in good condition.  I have digital photos is anyone is
interested.  I will be happy to sell them if anyone wants to buy them.  I
don't expect much, but have no idea how much to expect, to please feel free
to make an offer.  I will leave this "on the table" here for a few days, and
then will list them for sale someplace else.  If I don't get a taker, then
they will be taken out in the back forty, given a last cigarette, and shot.
Following execution, they will be buried under the old apple tree next to
that young guy who looked at my daughter.


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