[V8] Ok, spark plug question AGAIN

Karl K karlk at mainlandpc.org
Sun Mar 21 17:08:50 EST 2004

Hello all,

Ok, I done a search for past posting on the forum before in regards to which
spark plugs work in the V8's.

Now to the small problem. Ok it is spring and I thought I would do a small
tune up, change the plugs, air filter ect.

I have in there already the Bosch Platinum 4's which are due to be changed,
but the cost of the 4's are just too much when you figure you can buy 3 of
the regular Bosch for 1 Plat 4.

So I ordered the W7DCO's, these are the ones listed in the Audi Manual and
on the list as a good plug to go with. Now whilst trying to install them, I
noticed that the socket needed is a 13/16" Well that socket doesn't fit into
the plug hole. Are their different sizes for the W7DCO's??

Now I will be returning these tomorrow and ordering the proper ones. I
noticed that these are the single electrode, does anyone know that the Bosch
part number is for the 3 electrode version?? Also, any one try the NGK plugs
for the V8's.

Thanks in advance,


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