[V8] Crank Pulley Holding Tool

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue Mar 23 15:23:59 EST 2004

Sometimes "lost" is a relative term.
A while back I was waiting on a gasket so I could finish up my clutch job. I 
had one shipped from a dealer in Oregon. (where I bought the car)
It never showed up and I ended up having to overnight another one - all at my 
expense - to get the job done as I was leaving on a trip. When my normally 
reliable UPS guy showed up again I asked him what happened. He turned a little 
pale and went over to the neighbors house - who happened to be out of town - 
and retrieved my package from their front porch.

Have you checked with your neighbors? You may get lucky.


Quoting "jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net" <jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net>:

> Ken/List,
> I am the perp in question regarding the lost tool!  I ended up making
> one with the awsome help of Ken and his diagram.   I feel very bad that
> UPS lost the tool.  I have had many conversations on the phone with
> their claims department regarding this and am glad that they are at
> least compensating Ken for his troubles.  This is the first time UPS
> has done this to me, they have delivered countless packages to my
> address over the years and have never before "lost" something.  The
> worst part is that I know they did not deliver it the day they said
> because there was over a foot of snow on the ground and I live in a
> place where there is no way a UPS truck could deliver under those
> conditions unless they physically walked the tool up the hill where my
> house sits and I seriously doubt they did that.  Furthermore my fiance
> was home the entire day b/c she didn't have to go to work becuase of
> the weather!!!
> Anyways, sorry Ken.
> And as I said before, you can have the tool I made.
> John Burns
> Quoting "Stafford, Kenneth A." <stafford at WPI.EDU>:
> > Steve says:
> > when you make yourself a new tool perhaps you can put
> > together some pictures and text there that would make it so that you
> > wouldn't need to ship yours out again ...
> >
> > No problem, I've attached the drawing--pretty self explanatory, just
> > welded
> > steel, took me about 30 minutes to put it together.  I am claiming
> > the
> > $125.55 from Zelenda (although the local Audi place quoted me
> > $93--but they
> > probably have the wrong part!).  BTW, this was the only special tool
> > I needed
> > to do my TB change.
> >
> > Ken
> > 91V8Q
> >
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