[V8] Instrument Cluster light bulb questions

Christopher Brence cbrenceesq at netscape.net
Wed Mar 24 10:09:07 EST 2004

After I get to the instrument cluster by removing the dash pad...

1) how do I disconnect the wire harnesses without breaking anything?

2) What screws do I have to remove to accesss the illumination light 
bulbs?  -The bentley diagram is too complex to see, and it looks like 
there are about 50 screws,  most of which will be the wrong ones :-)

3) - I have the bentley which shows I need holes 20 and 21 to replace 
the speedometer lights.  - does anyone know the proper wattage light 
bulbs??  Most of the others seem to be 1.1 watts.

Sparta, NJ
Red 90V8

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