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Wed Mar 24 15:08:03 EST 2004

I read a great story a while ago where someone was trying the old nigerian 
scam - where some poor slob has 8 million in a bank but only you - a total 
staranger can get it out - anyway, the mark in this case began working with the 
scammer but to prove his trustworthiness the scammer had to send a 1 dollar 
bill to the scam-ee. He eventually did. The email dialog was hilarious. True or 
not it was a great read.


Quoting S_Matus <scott_matus at yahoo.com>:

> I first heard about this from a guy I work with.  He was selling a Toyo
> 4runner.
> He told his brother in the FBI about the deal.  He knew all too well
> what it was and advised against it.  In fact he says that FBI gets calls
> daily about this and because of 9/11 there is just no manpower to go
> after these crooks.  So we will continue to see this for some time, they
> are NOT being persued by law enforcement.
> Scott Matus
> 2 90 V9s
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> As some of you may know I am selling my 1990 V8. I got this e-mail from 
> someone in India. Doesn't look a little fishy to you guys? I know some 
> of 
> you have put your V8's in the marketplace have any of you got offers 
> like 
> this before?
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