[V8] Right distributor

Lyddall's lyddall at netzero.com
Sun Mar 21 18:10:21 EST 2004

I replaced the steering rack over the last few days (had to wait for the 
steering damper to come after I'd changed the rack) and broke the hall 
sensor on the distributor.  The engine is now running really badly - I am 
assuming that the hall sensor would account for this, although I have read 
a few old postings suggesting that unplugging the sensor has no noticeable 
effect.  Anyone have any ideas on this one?

Either way I need to replace the distributor, so if someone knows a source 
(used is fine) I would appreciate it.

Also replaced the timing belt on my wife's A6 this week.  Wow.  That was 
about the easiest car job I have ever done!


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