[V8] '93 5-speed

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Wed Mar 24 16:03:33 EST 2004

I finally got to drive Steve Bednarski's '93 with Audiconnection's 5-speed conversion.

Cool, cool, cool.   A couple observations:  the obvious should be stated first just for interest -- the car boogies.  If I'm getting to 60 in just under 7 seconds in my '91 3.6 5-speed, this thing's doing it in closer to 6, and is likely capable of mid-high 5's if beat on.   This is because the power comes on more quickly too -- mine's a crashing bore until 4k rpm... Steve's starts pulling hard closer to 3k.   I'd also "guess" he's hitting 100 when I'm hitting 90-95.  Noticeable difference there.   The manual box is reportedly ~100 lbs lighter than the auto box too.   That alone is a big help too.

The shifter snicks through the gears great, perhaps a bit more precise than mine (granted the box has allegedly got 1/4 the miles mine does).  The Boge shocks w/ stock springs and 255/17 tires are a nice set up too.   I've been kicking around a more stiff/lower setup for my stock suspension, but now I'm not so sure.

The thing bumps into the rev limiter in 3rd somewhat prematurally (5800 rpm?).  Just when the real fun was happening.  (uh, Steve, I think I forgot to mention that little nugget last night).   I wonder if the limiter is different for each gear?  Must be a factor of the OE ABZ ECU.

What a clean OE-look the conversion is.   Overall operation is seamless and looks factory.   The PRNDL display is unlit and off to the side (I thought it would be vertical between the speedo and tach), and just looks like unlit idiot lights.

Plus he keeps his cars x-tra clean and tight anyway.    Steve runs a high-end audio business so obviously the car's not lacking in that area.  And the '93s have some nice amenities like keyless entry and the updated CC system that makes me envious.  And considering what the 4.2 V8q shares garage space with, it goes a long way that his passion lies with this one.  Nice car Steve.  Prick.


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