[V8] '93 5-speed

stevebednarski at mindspring.com stevebednarski at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 24 21:42:54 EST 2004

Just a note for the list.  For a brief time there were three Audi V8
5-speeds within a ten mile radius in southeastern Pennsylvania/northern
Delaware!  The owners, Dave, Jeff and myself meet at a local watering hole
called Buckley's Tavern.  It is still the Buckley's V8 club but Jeff has
moved on to an S8 and RS6!  While these S-cars have a combined 800 or so
horsepower, Dave and I still enjoy shifting by first depressing a clutch
pedal.  Still a V8 club though.  :)


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I finally got to drive Steve Bednarski's '93 with Audiconnection's 5-speed

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