[V8] Hall sensor

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon Mar 29 19:41:08 EST 2004

The cams turn at 1/2 the speed of the crank - so you get one blink for each two 
crank revolutions. (four cycle motor)

How are you measuring this pulse output? If the wire is damaged, you could 
conceiveably measure the output terminal of the sensor but the ECU may never 
see the pulse. Make sure you see the pulse at the input to the ECU. Given the 
trauma suffered in this area you have to check everything closely.

My suspicion is that you have some spark plug wires on wrong or maybe one coil 
is unplugged. It would have taken a herculean effort to cause the cam to skip a 
tooth. This is quite easy to verify though, just set the crank position marker 
to TDC and look at the distributor rotors. The end contact should be centered 
over a line cast into the dist housing. (If you are 180 degrees off, rotate the 
crank 1 full turn)


Quoting lyddall at netzero.com:

> Still having a problem with the hall sensor - this started out as a
> steering rack replacement 2 weeks ago and is now getting frustrating. 
> In the process of replacing the rack I broke the hall sensor connector
> on the distributor.  I didn't realise that the plastic cover over the
> wires inside the distributor also disintegrated and then managed to get
> jammed between the rotor and the cap.  So - I replaced the distributor,
> and still have a rough running problem.  It idles, but is lumpy and
> hesitates when you push the gas.  If you actually try driving the car it
> struggles to shudders.
> The code is 2113 - Faulty hall sensor.  I did the checks as described in
> the manual, the voltage seems right on pins 1 & 2, and there is a blink
> on every complete turn of the rotor.  That was one thing I wondered
> about - the book says "should flash briefly at every second engine
> revolution".  Does anyone know if the book is right?  I'm not sure how
> it would only flash every second revolution, given that it flashes
> whenever the opening in the hood goes past the sensor.
> The other theory I have is that when the pieces got jammed in the
> distributor it somehow made the toothed pulley on the front of the cam
> slip so that the cam is now slightly misaligned.  I hope this is not the
> problem!  Can you check TDC on the distributors?
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> Dave
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