[V8] charging problem/ alternator

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Wed Mar 31 16:54:06 EST 2004

I replaced my alternator right after I bought the car.  It was *after*
the R&R that I saw all 3 lights come on in the dash.  Turns out I
grounded the (blue) field wire when reinstalling.  I coulda swore it was
hooked to the grounding screw when I took the old one out...  :-)

Just one more thing to check; if the blue wire is grounded (or shorted
somewhere along its path) these 3 lights will come on.

Although with the additional problems you are describing, sounds like
it's new alternator time.  I looked into having mine rebuilt, but
couldn't find a Bosch shop that was willing to do it...

The alternator is a Bosch AL174X.  I believe it was also used in a
Porsche application (was it the 928?)...  


- Jeremy

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> Sometimes , the car starts up normally and these lights are out .
> voltage is 13.8  .  When the lights are dim - the voltage is 11.8
> Another possibility is that  when this happens is with my temp / gas
> goes dead.   .
> Any thoughts

 You've already figured out your problem Steve...

13.8 means the alt is charging normally
11.8 means it not charging at all (you're running off straight battery

 Intermittant operation of the alt is a classic worn voltage regulator

Since you already know you have the original alt I recommend replacing
whole alt.

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