[V8] V8 Distributor Cap

Alan Kramer ackramer at hotmail.com
Tue May 4 16:15:19 EDT 2004

Anyone know of a distributor cap which will "bolt up" to a PT distributor 
but instead of having the spark plug leads coming off at 90 degrees to the 
rotor, they come off the top like a more traditional distributor cap?

My drivers side cap will interfere with my master cylinder on the UrQ when 
the engine torques up, but if I flip it over then the tie rod can get too 
close for comfort...   I've got plenty of room to the back though, so hence 
the query.

Obvious answer is coil packs.

Thanks for any help,

Alan Kramer

'83 UrQ V8
'83 CGT 20vt
'86 4kcsq
'90 V8q

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