[V8] 4.2 Oil in Coolant

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Mon May 10 09:02:43 EDT 2004

Make sure that:
1. No one was using Water Wetter with the coolant.
2. That  someone hadn't swapped to the newer style coolant.

Both of these products can cause sludge formation that mimics a blown 
head gasket. Scares the hell out of you. BTDT on my 87 5000 with water 
wetter - it reacted with the antifreeze.

Thomas Barbera wrote:

>Well, found some nice thick oily sludge in the coolant
>resservoir of my father's '93 V8 the other day.  I
>figured it was a blown head gasket.  Took the heads
>off, but found no area on the gaskets where it was
>obviously leaking.  Had the heads redone at the
>machine shop, they pressure tested them and checked
>for warpage, all checked out well.  The only flaw I
>found was that the channels for the coolant in the
>block had some major corrosion, the previous owner was
>probably using phosphate antifreeze.  One of the
>channels in particular has some pretty bad pitting
>near one of the cylinders.  It doesn't look good.  The
>channel that is badly pitted is not a through channel,
>the head gasket plugs it.  
>Does anyone have any comments on whether this could be
>my problem?  Is there anything else which could put
>oil in my coolant?  I'm really nervous about this
>block.  If it were a 3.6, I'd just find another one. 
>4.2 blocks are hard to come by.  Just for kicks I
>asket the dealer the price of a new block, $14,000! 
>Ha ha!
>I talked about using metal epoxy, but my machine shop
>told me that it might cause a lump and prevent the
>head gasket from sealing.  They suggested using
>silicone to plug the channel and the pitted area
>around it. 
>Please help guys, not sure what to do.  Thanks in
>Tom B.
>'91 V8 5spd
>'93 V8 (father's) 
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