[V8] Motronic ECU to Shift Lever Wiring Question

Alan Kramer ackramer at hotmail.com
Fri May 14 13:37:07 EDT 2004

On pin 42 of the ECU connector of a PT powered V8 there is a 18 ga. green 
wire that leaves the red harness at Kostal connector 3 and evetually goes to 
the transmission selector switch and P/N shift lock controller.

Can anyone verify what is happening on this wire?   Is the ECU controlling 
that pin, or is that pin an input for the ECU?

If I had to guess, I would assume that voltage (or possibly lack thereof) on 
that wire tells the ECU that the car is in neutral or park, and the ecu 
limits the rev at a value lower than 6500.  I don't know if the PT ECU has 
that feature or not, but that would seem to make sense to me.

Thanks for any input.

P.S.  I snagged a second PT engine and other bits at a pick-and-pull earlier 
this week...one more and my whole fleet will be V8'ed. ;-)

Alan Kramer

'83 UrQ V8
'83 CGT 20vt
'86 4kcsq
'90 V8q


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